Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend... continued...

So, after the Swiftsure race start, I drove home to find that the SS Beaver was just being 'helped' onto the ways at Point Hope Shipyard.

I'm really happy to see that the Beaver will be plying local waters again... it's a bit of an 'institution' here, as you can imagine!

On Saturday evening, our friends from Qualicum came for supper and our tradional butt-whipping known as a euchre game (or 4), and then spent the night. They were going sailing yesterday afternoon aboard their sailboat Pippin, with their two 'kids' (who are adults) Rennie and Rose.

After they left I had to drive out to one of my favorite LYS's, Boutique de Laine in Oak Bay, who were having a HUGE sale, mostly on 'bag lots' of wool. I only spent about $75, and got enough yarn for a sweater for me, two pairs of socks and a few scarves -- not bad, huh?

Then off to the major event of the day.... grandson Gibson's 2nd birthday party!

With his Dad, son-in-law Jeff:

And his Mom, our daughter Mischa:

Had a great time, of course! Then home in time for the final event of the day... our son produced an art show in the Sunset Room...

It's for emerging artists, it's fabulous, and if you're local, it's on until 11 pm this evening!

Today I had to finalize the poster and program for the FibreFest, and get them to the printer. Done!

As you can imagine, there's not much knitterly news... I've had to tink about 4 rows of the test knit, and hope to get started re-knitting it this evening.


Grace said...

your grandson is adorable, and Tom loves the ink coverage on DD and DSIL, congrats on the art show too!!! You guys have a very busy life!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was a little more local, for both the art show and the yarn sale!!

Great family pics.