Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On a whim on Saturday morning, Michael and I decided to head out to our favorite anchorage at Albert Head for the long weekend. I couldn't really afford to take the time away, but ... I'm glad I did!

Doesn't take long to 'shake off' the city from here...

Even though we had company in the cove...

... we preferred this company...

I managed to get both the Moonshadow Stole and the Interlude shawl blocked, but still didn't get pictures -- maybe today. I'm nearly finished the side-to-side vest, and I completed 4 full repeats of the 15 row pattern in the secret test knit project. :-)

So ... much knitting got done, much relaxation happened, and much sun was soaked up.

Yesterday morning the forecast on the marine radio was for 35 knot winds in the Juan de Fuca, so we headed back in to the marina around 11:00. We passed this dude on the way in...

This is an old classic 'clinker-built' design dinghy, and the motor had the unmistakable 'putt-putt' of an equally classic Easthope engine . What fun to see it out on wide open water!

We could see a rather large obstacle in the distance, and by the time we got to Ogden Point (the Victoria Harbour entrance), we had to wait for this to dock:

And then we realized that, of course, there was a mass exodus underway from the Inner Harbour -- 'checkout' time on the Harbour Authority docks is 11 a.m., and it's been a long weekend!

Oh, well, we made it back to our slip safe and sound (well, safe, anyway) and spent the day 'catching up' with the kids, email, marina chores, etc.

Now I really have to get back to work!

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Grace Yaskovic said...

only a couple of weeks til the Fiber fest, keep me posted on all the fun!