Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's weird to me that I have been knitting as much as ever, and yet have nothing to show for it -- I have three projects on the needles, and there hasn't been a huge amount of progress on any of them!

But I did start a new project a few days ago. It's a test knit of a really special item for a designer I love, and I can show you a 'teaser', at least...

This is a 'top down' shawl (so it feels like I'm knitting it 'upside-down') and the yarn is 100% cashmere -- couldn't be yummier! I really see that I am a 'process' knitter more than a 'product' knitter, because I was having a lot of trouble with row 33 on this pattern, and when I phoned the designer, she said (and I paraphrase), 'Well, look at what you're knitting ... what part of it has the problem?'

Look at what I'm knitting? What a concept! lol It was amazing to me how quickly I could 'diagnose' the problem when I looked at a photo of the finished product, and looked at what I'd actually knitted ... instead of just 'unconsciously' knitting merrily away! I think this is particularly important with lace knitting -- knitting 15' of stocking stitch on the back of a pullover doesn't require much attentiveness to the design, but an all-over lace pattern sure does.

I'll be working on that today in between tackling the reorganization of my 'stash room,' in which I have to locate and sort out FibreFest stuff.

Meanwhile, on our dinghy ride last night here in the Upper Harbour, I got a little closer to Point Hope. Here's Breeze, a gorgeous converted tugboat that I haven't been able to find out much about.

And here's another shot of Black Hawk, which I blogged about yesterday:

And, finally, here's the MV UChuck, 'up on the hard.'

It's a busy spring at Point Hope Shipyard!

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Grace said...

love love love top down shawls!!