Sunday, May 4, 2008


The days around the 1st of the month are always busy ones here ... boats are sometimes leaving, or coming in, and everyone is stopping by to pay their monthly moorage fees.

This past weekend, in addition to that sort of activity, was a busy one in a couple of other ways. First of all, the weather was wonderful, so folks were 'out and about' on the docks ... spring cleaning, scrubbing hulls, sanding, tuning up outboards, getting dinghies ready for the cruising season.

The buzz around the Wind Walker was no exception. I opened several windows, and Michael took the 'winter tarps' off for the first time -- it was wonderful to sit up on the bridge, knitting, for the first time since October! I did manage to do a bit of spring cleaning, but the main activity had to do with our sailboat acquisition.

We already owned Plump, a 24' Buccaneer. It's a 'day-sailer' or weekender -- in other words, it's not big enough to live on, but it's great for recreational sailing, which Michael loves. (I, on the other hand, prefer boats that stay LEVEL in the water, like the Wind Walker)!

Anyway, today we acquired an identical boat ... 'Foxy Lady' ... from a marina tenant who is moving back to land.

Although the boats are identical hulls, Foxy Lady is in much better shape than Plump (and has more windows, which we like!) so the idea is to keep the best of everything from the two boats (from sails to fridges to anchor chains) and outfit Foxy Lady completely, and then sell Plump as a ready-to-sail-but-fixer-upper boat.

So today was spent 'junking out' Foxy Lady and getting it ready for a stem-to-stern spring cleaning, which will happen this week. Hailey's been staying on Plump while she's here on a contract, but she has to go back to Whistler this week for several days, so we hope to make the transition to the 'new' boat while she's away.

We also need to change this boat's name, because we both think Foxy Lady is a dumb one. And since none of us lost much weight on that cleanse we did last week, Hailey suggested we could rename it 'Plump Too' or even 'Plump Two.'

No, I didn't throw her overboard, but I think I'll keep searching for a new name!


Nautical Knitter said...

Congratulations on acquiring Foxy Lady! She is a beauty! I envy you guys at the moment. Be sure to take photos of the "renovation" process for the rest of us.
Fair Winds

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great project, but lots of work! I was often on sailboats (none larger than 24') as a kid.

Isn't it wonderful to be outside and feel warm at last?!? This week-end was the first time I worked in the garden because I really wanted to, not because I had to. Knitting on deck - sounds delightful.