Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We got hit with another one last night which is still banging us around as I type ... the wind is still hitting Ogden Point at over 30 kts right now. Lots of trees down, power outages, etc. - the Times-Colonist story is here.

(As I was writing that, a marina tenant called to tell us that the big wrought-iron gate at the marina entrance, which we couldn't get locked last night for some reason, had blown 'down' and off of its hinges. Looks like Michael's work is cut out for him this morning....)

So I'm going to stop telling you when we're leaving to transport Mike's boat over to Galiano, since it's changed so many times now. I'll post 10 minutes before we LEAVE, I think -- which now looks like it could be Thursday or Friday!

Yesterday, in among several errands, I got to spend some time with the boys and Mischa -- Mischa wants to re-learn to knit, which is pretty cool since she's the only one of my three kids who's ever shown any interest -- so she and I and Gibson went to KnottybyNature and picked out some wool for some legwarmers she wants to make, and then I ended up picking Riv up after school and hanging out with him for a bit. River is in 'middle school' now and Gibson is in daycare 4 days a week -- so Riv has more freedom than ever and sure doesn't need us as much. And daycare is really good for Gibson, who has hardly been around other kids, but we miss him -- so yesterday was a nice treat.

Mischa will knit these legwarmers, with a bit of extra ribbing top and bottom ...

It's a free Lion Brand pattern called 'Londonderry', but we picked up some lovely Mirasol Hachu hand-dyed yarn in 100% merino that should knit up perfectly.
I got her started by casting on and doing the first round or two, now she'll carry on. I'd love it if she caught the knitting bug -- Mischa and I are often 'at loggerheads' so it's something we could do together.  :)

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