Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've been intending to post to my blog all day today, and the day just keeps getting away! Funny thing is, I never got out of my jammies until at least noon.  :-)

I had a disconcerting experience this afternoon .... I was on my way to do grocery shopping, and it was cold and miserable, so I thought I'd stop at the Starbuck's en route and get a hot cup of my favorite orange blossom tea. I parked and got out of the van, and just as I reached the door of Starbucks, I heard "Hi, Grandma" from behind me. I turned and there was River! That coffee shop happens to be right across from the skateboard park, which he is now old enough to go to on the bus by himself, but it was just a weird 'bittersweet' moment -- I'm kind of sad that he's growing up so fast, but I was tickled to run in to my grandson unexpectedly. So I treated him to a hot chocolate and a cookie (funny, he's not too old for that!) and we sat in the van and chatted until Jeff came to pick him up ... which meant that I got to have a little visit with Gibson, too, so that was nice.

Got the grocery shopping done and headed to Clover Point but it was already dusk, so I didn't stay long. Just long enough to get this amazing photo (which you can click on to see bigger -- I even got the 'man in the moon' this time):

Today's gratitude assignment is:
Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today.

Are you kidding? I'll miss the NaBloPoMo deadline to get this published before midnight EST if I start! I'm so grateful for so many things. If I just focus on today, then I'd have to say i'm grateful for River -- he'll be 12 years old in a few months, and he's a delightful 'young man' now. Deep voice and all, already!

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Sue Ellen said...

Yes! I thought my kids grew up fast, but that's nothin' compared to how fast the grands grow up! Aren't they fun?