Saturday, November 13, 2010


I was down at Clover Point this afternoon, and met Najla and her hubby, from Kuwait -- they've been here for a year, studying English, and may be heading back to their home within the next month or so. I really enjoyed watching them enjoying feeding the pigeons!

So... I have a few surprises to share with you. If you've never met me, you wouldn't know that I've been waiting for over a year to be able to afford dentures -- and, thanks to two of my friends (you know who you are, and how grateful I am!) I now have my upper dentures.

I feel weird, weird, weird, but good, to have them!

And I was going to save this for another blog entry, but since I'm into surprises now, I'll just say it. A year ago this week I stopped chewing my nails -- for the first time in over 50 years, I now have fingernails. THAT doesn't feel weird, it just feels GREAT!

River is here for dinner, and so is 'Galiano Mike' so not much else to tell you today. We'll leave for Galiano on Monday morning with the boat!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, two wonderful surprises today Marilyn. Must say, your smile looks great! I know how you feel when you say it feels weird, weird, weird as I had the same thing done several weeks ago. Wore a partial for many year but went all the way about eight weeks ago. Note my smile on Ravelry... Congratulations on beating your nail biting habit. Such a great accomplishment especially since you've been doing it for so many years. I use to be a nail biter many years ago myself so I know how hard it is to stop! I went out and bought several bottles of nail polish and went crazy! Too bad your trip is off again tomorrow. Guess you'll get there some time or another. Galiano Mike must be a patient man! I do like the latest picture you posted on your blog. Keep on smiling!

ps: my daughter-in-law ordered my gift last week so now I'm really looking forward to Christmas:-)

Bye for now, India