Saturday, November 6, 2010


** I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, so I'm committed to posting something to my blog every single day in November... wish me luck. :-) Since some days it's difficult to think of things to write about, I decided it would be fun to ask YOU for your ideas.

Now's your chance ... if there's something you'd like to know more of about me -- regarding the liveaboard lifestyle, my passion for all things fibre, what it's like to be a grandma, living in Victoria, whatever -- leave me a comment with your question, and that will give me (hopefully) some 'subject fodder' for the month.** 

Cherrie in NZ and my blog-pal Grace in New Jersey both wonder about the sock knitting obsession.

I only learned to knit socks (after being a knitter for 30+ years) a few years ago, and I fell in love with the whole idea immediately. First of all, they're highly portable, and I like to have a project to pack around with me, because I knit in public every chance I get -- at the doctor's office, waiting in my van when I pick my daughter up from work, etc. Secondly, even though they seem to knit tediously slowly, I can finish a pair or two a month just knitting during those 'waiting' times, or at Knit'n'Cafe (when it's hard to knit anything complicated and carry on conversations at the same time).

Thirdly, there are a badillion kinds and colors of sock yarns on the market, including the self-patterning type, so you never need to knit the same pair twice (and you always look like a frickin' genius, too, which is a bonus)! Fourth(ly?), once you've mastered a basic sock pattern, you discover that you're working with basically a blank 'palette' and can do ANY stitch pattern you want -- so it's fun to play. Fifth -- and this is the thing that stopped me from knitting them for YEARS -- they are NOT hard to learn to knit! And there's no seams to sew or fancy 'finishing' to do, either.

And finally, if you've ever had a pair of hand-knit wool socks on your feet, you will never want to wear 'store bought' socks again -- they are SO warm and comfy! A friend once described them this way .... "It's like wearing love on your feet." I couldn't agree more.

So... why so many? Well, I've kept myself in hand-knit socks since the day I learned how to knit them, and I've given lots more than that away as gifts for Christmas, etc. -- everyone absolutely loves them.

The only 'negative' thing I can think of is that sock yarn is not cheap to buy ... generally enough yarn for a pair of adult socks is about $20. So I've taken to checking out second-hand stores and buying all the sock yarn I find, and I seem to have quite a stash of it now -- the socks I'll knit for the family for Christmas will barely put a dent in it!

Well, it's the weekend and we are helping our Galiano Island friend Mike ... he has bought a bigger boat for himself and it's here at our marina; we will be helping him cruise it back there either tomorrow or Monday, so there's lots to do to get it -- and us -- ready. It's about a 7-hour cruise, all being well, so Michael and I will spend the night there and make our way back via ferry and bus the following morning. I'm looking forward to the cruise, it should be fun! 


Grace said...

I am getting this close to biting the sock bug!!! I will see what I think and how I feel after Christmas knitting is done!

Lacey said...

I had no idea it was that expensive for yarn for socks. I guess there's no room for sheep on the Chris Craft.

Found your blog on the Saturday Blog Hop

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to learn to knit. I bought a book at a book store recently called "Not tonight Darling, I'm Knitting". Determined to teach myself as I have a thing for cozy socks (and sock puppets)

Wish me luck! Happy Pet Bloggers Hop Day!

Anonymous said...

These socks are awesome! I've always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet but so far I've lacked the patience. Your abilities are impressive.

Good luck with NaBloPoMo. I'm attempting to participate as well and I fear I'm already running out of ideas...

Anonymous said...

I told DH I'm still knitting socks (despite having 3 small drawers of them) because when I get too old to knit I don't want to be reduced to WalMart socks! Think of the socks as your retirement fund.

Happy knitting!