Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SHOW OFF YOUR SOCKS (would that be 'SOYS' for short??)

I'd heard about these things a few years ago, and have been actively searching for them for at least a year. FINALLY located the only supplier in all of North America a few weeks ago, and ordered a pair. They arrived they other day, and I'm just tickled...
They are clear clogs -- knitters can wear them to show off their hand-knit socks! They're really well-made and solid, which is nice -- I have several pairs of 'crocs' or croc 'wannabe's' and these are better made than all of them.

I have the opportunity to import these to Canada if I want ... unfortunately, between the exchange rates and shipping costs, they'd retail for about $40.  So for now, while I think about that, I'm just enjoying wearing my own pair and showing off my socks!

** I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, so I'm committed to posting something to my blog every single day in November... wish me luck. :-) Since some days it's difficult to think of things to write about (stop that laughing) I decided it would be fun to ask YOU for your ideas.

Now's your chance ... if there's something you'd like to know more of about me -- regarding the liveaboard lifestyle, my passion for all things fibre, what it's like to be a grandma, living in Victoria, whatever -- leave me a comment with your question, and that will give me (hopefully) some 'subject fodder' for the month.** (Great question, Grace -- I'll answer that one tomorrow!)


tisjill said...

Hi, I have a question for you,
1 ) What does your husband spend his time doing while you are knitting?

Grace said...

love your socks, I am fast becoming addicted to hand knit socks but have yet to ever make a pair. Do you know a good beginner recipe that would help a sock novice like me, for after my Christmas knitting---maybe next year they will all get socks!!

Anonymous said...

Those clear clogs are awesome!!