Wednesday, October 29, 2008


... if I'll ever mention knitting again?

I am knitting. I'm working on the second pair of interminable black socks, and I still have the back of the lavender sweater on the needles -- mainly because I had to rip back about 7" of it when I discovered that I was absent-mindedly doing the raglan shaping all wrong. Let me put it this way .... it would have been about 4' long by the time I cast off!

But I have been writing, writing, writing -- and I *have* been to Clover Point! Indeed I watched an amazing sunset there night before last. This...

...became this, as I drove along Dallas Road...

And yesterday, I got to stop there briefly again, and saw this:

(Doesn't it make you wonder what happened to that mast??)

Must go -- I have some serious knitting to do. I need to start my Christmas knitting soon, too!

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