Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The astute among you pointed out that yesterday I claimed I would tell you 10 random and weird things about myself, but I only told you seven (or nine if you count carefully). But actually, the meme was only meant to include seven things, so I'm off the hook. But just for fun, I'll add these three:

1. I love fall ... not quite as much as I love summer, but it always feels like the season for 'settling in,' and as un-domestic as I am, I like that. Kids are back in school, the days are shorter and cooler, and my thoughts always turn to 'winter projects.' Winter projects for me include ... that book I'm always writing, catching up on the KnitList and KnitU, learning new software, planning for Christmas, and, of course, knitting projects. This year I'm also comtemplating learning to play the flute, just for fun.

2. My middle name is Ruth.

3. I was born in Nova Scotia, and so were both my parents (and their parents before them, I believe, but my sister will correct me if I'm wrong, I hope!)

There. Ten.

We've been home from our holiday for a week now, and we are definitely settling back into our routine. Michael has been accomplishing things around the marina every day; I've met one writing deadline, and I'm on another one for Friday; I've been to Clover Point to knit at least twice; and we are back to taking care of Gibson (and River, after school) three days a week. (The 'we' is usually Michael, in reality, although I'll probably be 'it' on Thursdays for awhile so that Michael can continue getting things done around here!)

I never made it past the swatch on the test knitting project ( ... I'll try again today!), but I still have a black pair of socks on the needles for me. Correction: I have two black socks on the needles, but at some point yesterday I realized that I'd done the two cuffs differently, so they are not a pair after all! So now they are two black socks, and the NEXT two black socks will be their mates. (What? Isn't that how *you* knit socks??)

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we'll be going to my sister's in Qualicum Beach on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that. I always love the drive (almost 3 hours each way) and it's especially nice this time of year; she'll also be completely unpacked and settled in, so we'll have time for visiting; and I get lots of knitting done on road trips!

Speaking of my sister, she emailed me a great joke the other day. "A new phrase has been added to the English language...ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices during an election year."


Georgi said...

I definitely have a serious case of Electile Dysfunction. Have a great time at your sister's. Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Electile Dysfunction is an epidemic! What a fun term.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.