Sunday, October 26, 2008


That's how the whole hall was yesterday at the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair in Duncan. Bev and I drove up, and my job was to teach beginner knitting and host knitters if they sat down to knit.

Well, we had no 'customers' to speak of, but it was a fun day, and we both got lots of knitting done. I sold lots of fridge magnets and we both had a chance to wander (read: spend money on fibre-y goodness).

But my camera's got to go.

That's how most of my pictures turned out -- it doesn't do well at all in 'low light' situations. I managed to get one or two if I stood right in front of an open door.

My camera did manage to capture this lovely tree in the parking lot, though...

It was a great day ... ran into some old friends, some Ravelry buddies, and (hopefully) made some new friends, too!

I'm nearly finished the back of the lavender sweater, but I got side-tracked a little by this traveling scarf.

Traveling scarves is a Ravelry group, and it works like this: each group has about 12 members, who each start a scarf for themselves, and post their preferences (in terms of color, fibre, etc) with the group. They then mail it to the next person down the list, who adds another 4 - 6" (in whatever design or color they choose), and then mails it on to the next participant. Eventually you get your own scarf back, complete! But it's a lot of fun seeing what everyone else has done, and having the chance to try out new stitches. So this scarf, as you can see, is almost half done. I'll mail it away tomorrow, and be ready to receive the next one that comes!

Going for brekkie this morning with an old friend who just recently moved back from Nova Scotia!

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