Monday, December 1, 2008


First you knit a rectangle .... in this case it's about 10" wide and 19" long.

Then, without casting off, you turn the rectangle a half-turn, and then pick up the stitches along the cast-on edge with your second needle:

Then you use kitchener stitch (aka grafting) to sew the two sides together ... which, I'll warn you, feels like it takes FOREVER! However, the end result is worth it...

A lovely figure-eight moebius neck-warmer! (The photo with the truest colors is the middle one of these, by the way...)

Now I'm going to make a simple garter stitch shawl with the rest of this lovely Ella Rae yarn, and then it's back to Christmas knitting -- it's December 1st!

PS ... the NaNoPoMo theme for December is 'THANKS', so I'm going to try to include a THANKS with every post this month -- no guarantees I'll post daily, though. ;-) Today's THANKS is for Michael, the love of my life, who made my birthday -- and makes every day -- special. For my birthday, he brought me flowers ... and a new, adorable, watch:
(the watch band is navy blue and silver, which is my very favorite color combination, it has the actual numbers instead of dots, and that little design in the middle? It's a cloud and some stars, and I love it!

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Grace said...

love the watch, your knitting is awesome and thank you for the anniversary wishes, your box is in the mail, nothing knitted, not even any yarn but I hope you like whats in it!