Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I think I'll get some more mileage out of this birthday thing (what, it's still the same week, ain't it??) and declare today a play day.

I worked yesterday, didn't I?

My friend Monica is coming over from Mayne Island, and I think we'll have lunch, and maybe go shopping, and maybe I'll take her to the new store, too. She was a spinner long before I knew her, and even has a diploma of some kind in the fibre arts.

Besides, I hardly knit a stitch yesterday, and whenever I'm picking someone up from the ferry, I have an excuse to leave early and go sit at the water in Sidney for a bit ...

And of course, there are two yarn stores there, too. Not that I need yarn... I'm just sayin'.

And there's a Starbucks. Right across the street from one of the yarn stores.

Yup. I've just talked myself into a play day. Catch ya later! :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the photograph - so serene.

Have a wonderful time!

Monica said...

I had so much fun yesterday. I really needed the play day too. Great lunch and so nice to see Michael and the grandkids. I loved "Knotty by Nature". Thanks for everything.