Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know, I know, I'm really late posting today.... what can I say? I did finish the shawl I've been working on, but by the time it was blocked and dry, it was too dark to take a decent picture, so I'll do that tomorrow. I've been working today on getting my fibre-related library all catalogued so I can take the books over to the store before the Grand Opening. The books will be available for $1 per book per week, with all the donations going to And I have tons of great mostly knitting books!

I managed to make it to Clover Point for about 20 minutes to knit -- back to working on Christmas socks for everyone now!

Today my THANKS is for our grandsons....

Jason's son Joshua, 14. He lives with his Mom up-Island, but comes to Victoria every third weekend or so!

Mischa's son River, 9. We see him almost every day, and he spends a couple of nights a week with us here on the boat.

Mischa's son Gibson, 2-and-a-half. We see him almost every day, too!

How lucky am I, huh?

Tomorrow morning we'll take the Wind Walker over to the public dock in front of the Empress for two nights while we participate in the annual Carol Ships parade. This is what it looks like over there this time of year... it's like being in the middle of a Christmas card!

Apart from the Knotty by Nature Grand Opening on Saturday, we'll be hanging out in the harbour and relaxing -- it's our last little break before the Christmas crazies, so we'll enjoy it!


Cold Spaghetti said...

That picture is beautiful!!! It's of Vancouver? Wow, that is not helping my "but it's way too cold to live there" argument!

Anonymous said...

I like your description - it does, indeed, look like a Christmas card. What fun!