Friday, December 19, 2008


About 3 weeks ago I let you know that I'd gotten a call from the Extreme Outreach Ministry here in Victoria, and that they needed 130 more hatsfor their Christmas hamper program. I thought it might be possible....

Well. You've emailed me, you've called me, you've mailed parcels from as far away as Ohio (!!) -- and this afternoon, an anonymous person dropped off a box of hats,etc., to the Knotty by Nature store, with ... over 50 hats!

I have delivered, as of now .... are you ready for this??

118 hats
31 scarves
3 pairs of slippers
2 sweaters and
2 pairs of mittens

... to the families served by Extreme Outreach. And that's in addition to the couple of hundred scarves and hats we'd already done earlier in the year!

THANK-YOU, thank you, thank you, knitters and crocheters, for making some stranger's Christmas a little warmer ... and from me, personally ... may every dream you have come true!


Esther V. said...

I have a few more here..given to me from Maggie...if you're driving River to school..let me know and I'll hand them to you at my doorway!! I"m not going out for awhile yet.
GREAT blog Marilyn....

Monica said...

Woohoo! I'm really pleased.