Monday, March 30, 2009


The Nanaimo Weavers and Spinners were having a sale on Saturday, so even though I still wasn't feeling that great, I drove up for the day. It was a scenic drive ...

I bought a skein of yarn. (Yes, that's correct. I drove 1.5 hours in each direction to buy one skein of yarn. Is there a problem with that?) Then I decided since I was up that way anyway, and feeling crappy, I might as well impose myself on my sister in Parksville -- so I drove for another half an hour.

After dinner at our favorite Chinese food smorg place and a short evening knitting in front of the fire in her living room, I slept straight through for almost 8 hours.

Then I drove home again. But I happened to stop at one of my favorite look-outs, in Ladysmith, and saw this coming in to the harbour ...

I knew, from past experience, that this monster is called a self-dumping log barge, but I had never actually seen one do its thing.

So I drove a bit further south to a better vantage point, and got out my knitting to wait.

And wait...

It takes about 2 hours or so to flood the front chamber of the barge to the point where it 'tips' and the logs go into the water.

By the time I left that behind and drove further down-Island, I was exhausted, so I decided to take the "Island's most beautiful short-cut" -- the Mill Bay/Brentwood Bay ferry -- instead of driving over the Malahat.

It was a lovely trip!


Anonymous said...

You see the most interesting things!

Wait a minute: what yarn did you buy? Details are certainly missing!

Grace said...

looks lovely indeed!!