Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When I signed in to my blog this morning, the page declared that I haven't published since June 15th. June 15th??!! That's forever ago!

Okay, so the FibreFest went amazing. THANK-YOU to everyone who helped, came and bought fibre-goodies, modeled, and supported me -- and the list is long!!

The Friday night fashion show was sold out, and the talent and creativity was incredible. I'll get some pics up soon, I promise! Hailey even convinced Michael to model (it took me a week just to convince him to come to the show with me); everyone looked wonderful, and it went off without a hitch -- which is really great considering that Hailey was finishing up her 'queue' cards an hour before, and we didn't have time for a dress rehearsal.

Saturday evening's Round Table didn't look anything like I envisioned but it was nice -- about 20 people came, and we created a circle and just knitted, spun and chat about things fibre.

The 'grand finale' was the outdoor market at Saxe Point, and it went great! We had a little sprinkle of rain in the morning when we were setting up, and then the rest of the day the weather was wonderful. About 3 pm the wind came up, so we started packing up early, but that was okay.

I'll have more pics up on the FibreFest site soon!
I 'crashed and burned' on Monday, of course, and then had a pretty leisurely day yesterday ... including a family picnic at Willows Beach last night (minus Joshua, and we missed him!), orchestrated by Hailey because she goes back to Whistler today.

And I'm going with her!

I can't think of anything I'd rather do for the next few days but relax and knit ... so I'll be back on Saturday, then Michael and I will probably go to Albert Head for a night or two. So I'll be back to my 'regular' life on Monday evening, June 29th. I'll have my laptop in Whistler so I may update before that...

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Monica said...

Great news to hear that the Fibre Festival went well. I'll look forward to hearing all about it when I come across in July.