Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday the thermometer topped 30C degrees (that's about 86F) and by mid-afternoon it was too hot to do much of anything. So a dinghy picnic was in order!

We followed the newly-painted Rolano out of the harbour...

Our view from a little nook at McCauley Point wasn't too bad:

Michael brought his newspaper and I brought my knitting...

(I grafted these at home later...)

We watched the Seattle-based landing barge, Inlet Raider, come in to the harbour...

Even the sights on the way home were interesting... ever seen a shrink-wrapped helicopter -- on a truck??

And then, as we went under the bridge into the Upper Harbour, we were met by this:

It was a lovely evening!

30 years ago this morning I gave birth to my youngest ... my 'baby' Mischa turns 30 today.

She's away at a camp-out with River's class, and I know she left her house in an upheaval by the time they got away the other day, so I think I'll go do some housework there this morning, and leave a bouquet of flowers on the table for her.

Then there's this FibreFest I'm still planning... :)


Grace said...

got the fibre fest rundown, it looks amazing, that was in the early hours then I went back for a nap and dreamt I was at one, in Germany---it was quite an exciting dream! Happy birthday Mischa

Esther V. said...

way to go, Marilyn!!
you know I would

Anonymous said...

Wow, that last picture of a tug reminded me of the song about the ant and the rubber tree plant.

Happy Birthday, Mischa. (Our youngest will be 30 in early August. They "went to different schools together.")