Friday, June 5, 2009


... so what's a gal to do?

Go for a dinghy picnic up the Gorge, that's what!

We sure weren't the only ones playing...

This heron was about the only living creature we saw that had to work:

And that was all day *before* yesterday. Yesterday, I had a whole new way to goof off ... I joined some fibre friends in the shade of Wendy's garden for a little wool pickin' and spinnin'...

This last photo is our host Wendy on the left, and a woman by the name of Jacquetta Nisbet on the right. Jacquetta is 80 years old (and notice that she's sitting on the grass -- and had less trouble getting up than I did, from my chair, I might add!) and has just moved to the Victoria area from Metchosin. She brought her portfolio to show us prints of some of her work -- she'll soon be teaching some weaving classes, and I'll bet they'll be full!

I did actually get lots of work done early in the day on both those days, and I have lots to accomplish this morning before Knit'n'Cafe, too. It's going to be another hot one!

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Grace said...

I want to be Jacquetta!!