Thursday, November 19, 2009


... and windy, and it's been pretty much non-stop for the last several days.

The first big storm of the season is always kind of fun -- we light up the woodstove, 'batten down the hatches' (guess where *that* expression came from??) and snuggle in to the cabin (that's the living room in nautical talk) to rock-and-roll and ride it out. When we very first moved aboard, friends and family would call us on nights like that and ask if we wanted to come and stay at their house -- it took awhile for people to get that we *liked* being on our boat in storms!

I also like going to Clover Point when it's stormy.

I was about to leave last night, when it became too dark to knit, when the Coho ferry came out of the harbour -- it's not a great pic, but you can see that even it is struggling into the wind:

So work is getting accomplished, and so is knitting. Almost ready to start the decreases on newsboy cap #2 ...

It's a black cotton-acrylic blend, and the stitch pattern I'm using is called 'Eyelet Twigs.' I may actually write up the pattern this time when I'm done!

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Anonymous said...

Who doesn't enjoy a good storm? Timid people, I guess.

The cap is looking great!