Monday, November 9, 2009


Picture this: I'm 27 years old with two small children (from previous) who are 4 and 1.5 years old. My eyes (and my mind) have finally really opened to see that the sweet man I've loved and lived with for the past year is also a violent, unpredictable alcoholic.

Then I discover I'm pregnant with #3 -- and I know I can't stay in this situation another day. So I pocket the rent money, intending to spend it on plane fare to my sister's, in another province, to start again. But first, I needed to challenge that man with one last chance to change his ways...

That was 31 years ago last night ... and change his ways he did, indeed. :-) Michael called AA that night, and woke up sober in the morning, to be taken to his first meeting. He's never looked back, he's never taken another drink, and as a result, he's become the amazing guy I still share my life with today.

We celebrated with a cake at our 7 a.m. 12-step meeting (Dontcha love it? Cake at 7 a.m?), and then out for brekkie.

Then we celebrated by going for our H1N1 vaccination together this afternoon. Yup, we caved ... and I *think* I'm glad we did. How romantic, huh?


Esther V. said...

Congratulations Michael...WAY TO GO!! TWO anniversaries in one year...amazing.

Unknown said...

This is the Mrs. here. What a lovely love letter of life.
Congratulations Micheal.
It is so encouraging for others to see the life changing choices that you have made.
It is inspiration to those who hear.
Congratulations sometimes just does not seem to be a big enough hurrah! "Now, with respect and to make you smile.
Close your eyes, be where ever you want and imagine all those who love and like you, plus all the creatures you hold dear, singing to you. "For he's a jolly good fellow.... The sun is shining down and you are smiling and just taking it all in.
Be Blessed Your friends P & R.