Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So much for that 'working for a living' idea I had yesterday. My plans went awry early on, so after that I just sort of went with the flow!

So I spent a few hours with two of my favorite little boys -- way more fun than working, anyway. Well, I mostly spent time with Gibson -- River's at that age where he comes in the door from school and if he doesn't have homework I can nag him about, then he gets a snack and goes in to his room to play video games.

But Gibson's at that age where he could entertain the adults in his life all day ...


I managed to knit a couple of rounds on a sock at a meeting last night. :)

Today might be almost as useless -- our old pal Mike is coming for a visit from Galiano this morning, and then I think Mischa and I have a shopping trip planned. Tomorrow I'll work for a living...

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