Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here I am again, posting at supper-time. It's been a lovely day, though! This morning Michael had some things he needed to do around the marina, and I was helping a client sort out some image files.

Then Michael suggested we go for a drive ... this is a rare occurrence, folks ... this guy is such a 'home-body' most of the time. I grabbed some yarn and needles for my next project (a Christmas gift hat) and away we went -- just around the waterfront, but it was sunny and warm (as opposed to most of the rest of today -- we've had torrential rains!) and everyone else seemed to be moving at a leisurely pace, too.

We took ourselves to the Oak Bay Marina coffee shop for 'lupper', and got back here to the boat just at dark. :)

Remember this?

I knit this for Mischa for Christmas, intending to felt it. Well ... it wouldn't felt. (Of course, *then* I remembered something about how white wool doesn't felt). So someone suggested that I boil the c--p out of it, which I did -- it not only still didn't felt, but all that lovely cranberry red dye ran, and created an unfelted PINK Christmas stocking.

It went in the garbage.

But day before yesterday, I was in London Drugs ... and saw this:

Lined. $14.95. Bought it. No regrets.

(I'll even 'fess up that I didn't knit it!)

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