Friday, March 5, 2010


Still 'easing' myself into being home again -- not getting much work done yet, but spending lots of nice time with Michael and with the boys (Mischa and Jason will have to wait until the weekend!)

Did a bunch of errands yesterday and then Michael and I headed to Clover Point, just in time to see this...

Spring in Victoria is so lovely!

Today is Knit'n'Cafe, but it sounds like the number of gals who've been coming has dwindled away, so I sure hope I'm not sitting there alone. I'm looking forward to knitting... I haven't been doing much, can you tell? I've got maybe 14" done on the lace shawl, and I finished two pairs of socks in Whistler -- the third one is on the needles now.

By the way, this pair of socks on my needles makes my 50th pair since I learned to knit socks not quite two years ago ... so I'm thinking of cooking up a contest, just for fun -- stay tuned!

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