Thursday, March 4, 2010


I meant to mention that on my last night in Whistler, I woke up in the morning to the sounds of marmots nearby! I've seen brief glances of them twice now -- the first time was three years ago when I went to Whistler to attend an event Hailey was helping produce in the mountain-top dining hall, and the second time was last week when Audrey and I saw one in the ditch just as it ducked into a culvert. Anyway, they're adorable-looking, and they're the reason Whistler is named Whistler!

As the ferry was coming in to Nanaimo, I saw one of my favorite sights in the world ... the herring fishery, underway just outside Departure Bay!

I'm so glad I got that quick glimpse of it, because I normally go up-Island for a day or two to catch it, but I won't be doing that this year -- I have some serious work to catch up on now that I'm home!

The first night I was home we got burgers and went down to Clover Point. It was getting dark when we left but there was a cruise ship coming around Trial Island -- and I realized it must be the one that came into Vancouver for the Games! (Not the Mona Lisa, that was for volunteer accommodations in Squamish).

Not a great picture, but I think it's the Norwegian Star, and it must have been heading south again now that the Olympics are over.

I spent yesterday just getting unpacked again and settled in, and I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work today!


wendy said...

i'm happy you are home too! i've missed you! even tho i have totally enjoyed your views and news over this past month. work is good, but make some time for play too!

Golden Riv said...

I remember when we went to clover point that day. I am glad that we went to Beacon Dr. Well that was kind of odd that the cruise ship came
by Clover Point but it was neat! That was all fun I hope we can do it again! Please write back or comment on my blog if can! Thanks!