Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Some time in the last few days, Audrey sent me a link to some amazing aerial shots of Vancouver and Whistler -- check it out here!

She also sent me a couple of photos from her camera...
Audrey on top of Blackcomb ... you can see Whistler Village, centre left, at the foot of the mountain. And...

...the three of us out for dinner in Creekside.

And I'm not done with Whistler yet because today I got a VANOC email inviting all the volunteer drivers back to the Whistler Fleet compound for a 'farewell' party next week, and I think I'll go!

I'm also looking for some photos of a cruise we took with Ken and Michelle several years ago, and if I find them, I'll tell you that story tomorrow. Today Michael will go look after the boys, and Hailey has a hair appointment and then some shopping to do, so I'll have uninterrupted *quiet* in which to work!