Friday, March 12, 2010


It's Friday, it's spring break, Hailey is here from Whistler, Joshua is here from up-Island ... and I'm having a great time visiting, but not accomplishing much else.

We had a family dinner night before last because (unbelievably!!), Joshua will turn 16 in a few days, but he won't be here ... he'll be on a beach in Mexico, with his Mom, the lucky guy. Mischa's apartment is never conducive to great photos...

... but we had a nice time and dinner was lovely!

Yesterday Hailey and I went for a drive and pulled in to Trafalgar Park just in time to see our local tall ship, the Pacific Swift, coming around Trial Island...

I was wearing my blue Olympic jacket, and that got a conversation started with a couple who were also there taking pictures; after we swapped Olympic stories, they were interested in hearing about the live-aboard life, so we chatted for quite awhile, and felt like old friends by the time Hailey and I drove away. Hailey says I need to start collecting (and reporting to you!) these stories of what happens/who I meet when I'm 'out and about' in my Olympic jacket.

Today is Knit'n'Cafe, which I only ever miss if I'm out of town, so I'm looking forward to that!

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Grace said...

I live in New Jersey (you know that) I live in a town with Lake in the name (but we have no lake at all) and I yearn to live near the water, your water shots are always so beautiful