Thursday, October 21, 2010


"Put a good moisturizer on that twice a day, and you're good to go."

So said the home care nurse, day before yesterday, and you could have heard the sound of my slowly exhaling breath for miles around, I'm sure.

What I didn't tell you (mainly because I didn't want to help it 'exist') is that this was a life-threatening infection I had. If it hadn't responded to the antibiotics, if I'd had a reaction to the antibiotics and had to backtrack and start again, if I'd waited another day to get treatment ... well, as recently as four days ago I was reminded that if I didn't do exactly what I was told to do, medically, I could lose my leg. Or my life.

And those of you who know me know that doing what I'm told to do is not exactly one of my finest characteristics. But I did. And although the long-term recovery plan is actually a tad more complicated than just using a good moisturizer, the most important words there were 'GOOD TO GO' and I can't tell you what a relief that is!

Enough about that ... I've been knitting:
Two pairs of socks completed during many hours in the recliner doing what I was told to do. The ones on the left are a 3-color 'tweed' stitch from an old Harmony Guide -- it was easy and fun to do. 

Much to catch up on now that I'm back in the loop -- work AND play -- but I hope to be back to regular blogging at least!


Anonymous said...

Glad things are looking up. Great knitting you've got done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

I have viewed your blog many time but haven't posted a comment before. I love the idea that you live on a boat (a longing of mine) and that we both knit. I've enjoyed seeing all the knitting you've produced and sometimes wonder how you find the time. I enjoy reading about your life on the water and viewing the pictures you post, so this time I wanted to leave a comment because you've had such a scare lately. I'm very happy that everything has turned out well, but like you said, it could have gone the other way. You have really played it down so I am only guessing at the severity of your illness. I just want to say now that I'm very glad you're on the road to recovery and I'm sure all will be well very soon. Victoria is such a beautiful city and you couldn't have picked a prettier place in with to float around :-) Wishing you a very speedy recovery from Halifax. India

Grace said...

well I am so glad that you listened and are good to go!!!! Mom (who has been gone for many years) went through that twice in the early days of my marriage. But she listened and rested, she didn't knit though just read LOTS of books

Patricia said...

Marilyn! You didn't say a word about this on Saturday! Sorry - I haven't been reading your blog but after seeing you I thought I'd wander by... and I am just so glad you are okay! I will PM you more...
All the best, Patricia