Monday, October 25, 2010


... Actually, this weekend, I knit two of them.

I've been designing my own knitted stuff for about 3 years now -- but once I'm finished knitting something, it's so hard to go back, figure out exactly what I did, and then write out the pattern so it can be duplicated. But back in August I designed a cowl, and this time, after so many people told me that I should publish the pattern, I'm finally doing it! It *is* a fun pattern incorporating three of favorite things in the world of knitting .... merino wool, lace and beads. :-)

I've test knit two more from the written pattern this weekend, and I just have some tweaking to do before I turn it into a .pdf and make it available. I'm also working on writing out my baby blanket pattern, which will be free -- but I think I may sell the cowl pattern for a few bucks. I'm pretty excited about this -- I'll have pics tomorrow, and hopefully an announcement about it!

I did make it to the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair on Saturday, and converted  taught four more people how to knit. It's always fun to wander around the booths and see old fibre friends, and make new ones.

In between knitting sessions yesterday, I also finished a long-overdue paid editing project, so that felt good. It's completely pouring rain outside so it may be a lazy day today... lots of time to get that leg propped up, and more knitting. Works for me!

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Grace said...

That is wonderful on the patterns coming up I can't wait to knit a Marilyn pattern!!

Rest that leg!