Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We got home from our September adventure on Sunday afternoon, but it's been pretty crazy around here since then, as you can imagine. To make things worse, on the third-last day of our holiday, while I was sitting in a beautiful anchorage looking at this....

... I developed a serious fever, and Michael had to get me in to Ganges, where a nice man from the Coast Guard station drove me to the hospital.... where I was diagnosed with a pretty severe bacterial infection which turned up on my right leg, of all places. So - I have been going to the hospital every day (Saturday in Ganges, then Sunday, Monday, and in about 10 minutes, here in Victoria) for an hour of IV antibiotics -- and when I'm home I've been ordered to have this leg up at about a 30-degree angle for at least 4 hours a day! I guess the universe decided I hadn't had enough rest yet?? The prognosis is that it may be another week before I'm good as new.

By the way, here's what happens when you hit the wake of a big freighter unexpectedly:

I have lots more great pics, and hope to get on here more soon, but I am happy to be home, and getting back into the fall routine!


Grace said...

feel better my friend, my mother had something similar many years ago--oh my I just realized it was 32 years ago, because I gave birth to my son while she was laid up. Take good care of yourself!

wendy said...

good grief! keep that leg up. sounds ghastly. at least you can knit and play on the computer? right? you feel OK?

Unknown said...

I don't even know what to say!

Would you like to put your feet up at my house for hours at a time?

You are very welcome to? I realize you have a better view but if you want to get away just let me know?

You call me when you feel up to it or if I can help out at all.