Monday, October 11, 2010


Hope everyone's having a great weekend, and eating too much turkey! I know I did -- Jason and Kristin hosted the family this year in their new 'loft' apartment in Chinatown, so that was fun -- I put the turkey/stuffing in the oven early and didn't have to do another thing all day except keep my leg up...

...which would be because I'm still having to go to the hospital every morning at 7:30 a.m. for an IV antibiotic treatment -- it's been 10 days now, and although it's better, I'm not totally out of the woods yet.

So I've been knitting. A lot. I'll even have pics to prove it. Soon. Right now I can't sit at the computer for longer than about 15 minutes without too much pain in my leg, so it'll have to wait. Thanks to those of you who have called or emailed to see how I'm doing!


Grace said...

glad you had a good Thanksgiving, can't wait for ours!!!

Keep doing what the doctor orders about that leg!!!! feel better

Unknown said...

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving. So sad you still are leg up ridden. So obviously you did not get to knitting on Friday either.

I had no idea you could not even be at your computer.

If you want to sit here the offer is still open. Please post when would be a good time for people to call. I do not want to make you get up to get the phone or make Micheal have to quit doing something to get the phone.

Lots of Love Penny