Monday, January 3, 2011

198 Yards of Heaven....

... is the name of the shawl I've just finished, for myself -- my first project of 2011! It's not big, it's more like a 'shawlette' or scarf, I guess, but I like it a LOT. It's about 40" wide across the top and 20" deep from top to bottom. (Those of you on Ravelry can find the details on my project page).

I've been knitting at the water...three days ago I watched this huge otter at Clover Point lunching on an equally huge EEL!

And then, day before yesterday, when I took 'Galiano Mike' back to the ferry, I stopped at my favorite pull-out near Sidney and watched the sunset -- caught the last of it shining on Mt. Baker:
Today Michael and I are going on a little 'road trip' out to Sooke and Jordan River .... more later!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

Boy... you are such a fast knitter! I'm sure I couldn't keep up to your pace. Your shawl looks amazing and that view in Sidney is so beautiful. Say "Hi" to my sister for me when you pass through Sooke :-) Enjoy your road trip!