Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On this day 34 years ago I was in a Victoria hospital on the second day of a horrendous labour -- but it would result in the birth of my second child, my oldest daughter, Hailey. :-) Happy birthday, Hailey! (Ok, from now on I won't mention your age...)
(Hailey in Cannes, France, last summer)!

Since she was 16 years old (and we were living in Parksville), it's been a tradition to celebrate Hailey's birthday on Salt Spring Island ... browsing through the world-famous Saturday market, having lunch at the TreeHouse Restaurant or dinner at Oystercatchers, and wandering through the shops. So almost every year (I think we've missed a few, but not many) we've driven or cruised to Ganges, the major community on Salt Spring -- and for Hailey, that means arriving first by bus from Whistler, where she lives.

So it's really fun this year that we actually LIVE here and we get to 'host' Hailey differently than ever before on her birthday. She's been here since Friday, and Mischa and Gibson joined us for a bit on Friday and Saturday (River was spending the weekend with a friend). Yesterday we drove in to Ganges for lunch at Treehouse, and then went for a long drive out Isabella Pt. road - it was, luckily, one of the nicest days we've had here for awhile! When we got home, Hailey made *us* a delicious pad thai for dinner! She'll go back to Whistler today... :-(

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