Sunday, October 9, 2011


In case you can't think of anything to be grateful for this morning, check out this video (it's YouTube, virus-free, and absolutely delightful)!

It's days like today that remind me that there are folks all over the world with *actual* problems. Me, I have everything.... I'm warm and dry and fed and loved, and in every one of those categories, I'd rank my life a 10 out of 10. I have meaningful work, I get to live in an amazing place, I have pastimes I'm passionate about and have the means to pursue, an amazing family, and equally amazing friends. (Including Penny and Robin, who "just happened" to be on Salt Spring yesterday and stopped in for a way-too-quick visit)!

Yes, I'm still in some pain, and no, I can't stand on my feet for more than about 7 minutes, and no, I won't be able to don socks and shoes for several more weeks, apparently. But .... my husband has a favorite line when someone asks him how he's doing; he always says, "Well enough." And that's how I am today .... well enough. To live, love and laugh, and to count my blessings. And there's a long list!

My children all made it safe and sound to Alberta for my niece's (their cousin's) wedding, and between that and my lack of mobility, we won't be doing a turkey dinner this year. It'll be a quiet at-home day today, and tomorrow I have to go to the clinic -- that's an every-other-day activity since I got burned, and will be for awhile yet.

It's definitely becoming autumn here ... this is our view up the marina ramp:
... and our view across the harbour:
Michael is spending every spare non-raining moment getting the boat 'ready' for winter, which this year, includes some repairs to the cabin roof. So my view from the recliner yesterday was like this...
(See that nasty overhang? It's getting fibreglassed, and should be all pretty again in no time).
I've been playing with some lace 'doily' patterns and making coffee coasters for Christmas -- some for gifts, some to sell at the local craft fair in November. These are all fun and fast knits...
I've done about a dozen now, in Christmas colours and various patterns -- they're all about 5" wide, blocked. I got the patterns here and she has at least one free one on her website here.

I hope you all have a beautiful THANKS-giving day -- I know I will! Link


Esther V. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you two!!
A great blog, Marilyn.
Heading up to Duncan soon so will be taking in all those fall colours you have pictured on your blog..didn't realize the leaves had changed so much. (living in a condo does that to me!)
Yes, we all have so very much to be thankful for.
Take care of yourself and get better quickly.

Beverley J said...

Happy thanksgiving you both. I'm off to work for 5 hours today but had our turkey yesterday. Glad to hear you're recovering ok.

Grace said...

hope your thanksgiving was wonderful--love the coasters, they are coming out beautifully