Friday, October 21, 2011


I had two nice surprises yesterday!

First of all, Esther called from Victoria on Wednesday and said she'd come over to knit at the Rock Salt Cafe with me, so she was on the 1:30 ferry, and we had a really nice visit. Her version of it is here. :)

But I had an even better surprise than that before Esther got here. It was my regular every-other-day clinic visit in the morning, and guess what?
Those are my feet. In cotton socks. Guess what else?
Those are my feet in cotton socks and SHOES. More specifically, my red crocs! WHICH I was able to wear yesterday, for the first time. And walk in. Can you imagine how excited this makes me?? It's been 3-1/2 weeks, only, since my accident, and the healing had escalated so much since my last clinic visit that this is the result.

I will still have to keep my feet up, lots, and I still have pain when I'm on them for any length of time, and I'm walking like I have a two-by-four you-know-where (slow and methodic and lifting each foot carefully so nothing rubs anywhere!) .... and apparently it may be as long as a *year* before I can wear handknit wool socks again (because the new skin is apparently ultra-sensitive for a long time) but hey, I'll take cotton socks and crocs ANY day over swaths of bandages and gauze and white terry-cloth hospital issue slippers. I'm so tickled to see the progress on these feet ... honestly, when I first saw how badly they'd been burned, I was skeptical they'd *ever* heal. Doing the happy dance here! (Well, ok, I'm not really able to dance just yet, except mentally). :-)

Started my first commission piece day before yesterday ... it's actually a large cowl rather than a shawl, but it's going to be stunning.
That's a provisional cast-on (not one of my favorite things, I can tell ya!); the pattern is the Imogen Cowl ('frost flowers') and I'm using a skein of Madeline Tosh 'Prairie' lace in the "Ink" colorway. It's lace knitting on both sides (no straight purl rows, in other words) so it's a bit of a challenge in concentration, but otherwise a fun project.

Rainy day today, so even though I could 'step out' .... I probably won't. :)


Julie said...

Yaaay! Back in the crocs!

Louisa said...

Patience, hon'. You will get better! I did something similar with a large cup of boiling tea a couple of years ago and there's not even a hint of a scar left now to prove it. I also wore socks and crocs for a good long while! You should see if you can get some bamboo socks. So soft.