Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been a bit of a social butterfly this week. After being confined to a recliner for the past month, it feels sooooooooooo good to be mobile! And yes, I may have overdone it a time or two, but I am still resting lots, too.

On Thursday, several members of my old 'Fibre Friends' Thursday spinning group came over from Victoria! (That's the group that I've been the 'spinning imposter' in for the last two years or so...). First we visited Jane's studio/store, and then had lunch at the Rock Salt and knitted -- it was a wonderful afternoon! Here's (from left) Rosalie, Alice, Pat, Sue, Wendy and Sue:
To top it off, they presented me with a gift. Back in April, when we lost our job in Victoria, this group started putting together a parcel for me ... they each spun a skein of yarn, and labeled it, and yesterday was the first time we'd gotten together since then. Look at this!
I was almost in tears when I opened it, and now I want to figure out some one thing I can make with it all -- what a sweet, thoughtful thing for them to do! Here they are waving goodbye from the ferry...
Then, yesterday, on the 'spur of the moment', I decided to go to Victoria -- I had mail to pick up and we needed a few other things, so I managed to make it to my old Knit'n'Cafe for an hour or so. Left here in the pouring rain at 11 a.m., and came back on the 5 p.m. ferry in the sunshine!

Today I'm driving in to Ganges for the final market of the year, and to have coffee with our old buddy Mike. :)

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