Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guess who came to visit on the weekend?
We've really missed these two, so it was lots of fun to have them here! River is 2" taller than me now ... and it's hard to believe, but Gibson will be 6 in less than two months.

We had to go to Salt Spring's skateboard park, of course ... but the only 'action' shots I took were little videos, all too 'big' to upload to my blog. Thank goodness they took rests...
Then we had to go to Ganges' famous downtown park -- it's in full spring bloom, now, of course:
... and the boys had fun, while I mostly knitted (as long as I was fully present every time I heard "Grandma, watch THIS!") ...
This is my absolute favorite picture of River EVER:
He's becoming a really nice young man! :)

Just before we left, they decided to entertain me with a little dance ... I tried, unsuccessfully, to edit the end, and I kept cutting out Riv's head, but it's still pretty entertaining!

(Hope this loads okay.... it took forever to upload!)

I have managed to knit a bit. The Alcea shawl is finished, but not blocked, so I can't show it to you yet -- it's lovely, but smaller than I hoped it would be. I'm now attempting a top-down sweater for myself, a remake of one I made a few years ago and have never worn because it fit badly, and I'm lousy at seaming. I'm pretty excited about the whole top-down concept, though...

Today the Area Manager for Welcome Wagon is here, so I'll be 'out and about' with her all day - I'm looking forward to it!


N. Maria said...

That IS a busy weekend when the grandson's come to visit!
I've made a top down and had a heck of a time. Look forward to hearing your trials with it....again......and seeing the shawl when it's blocked!
Love ya lady and Michael!

Kyle Martin said...

My wife and I moved here 2 days ago and wondered how we might get connected with the welcome wagon?