Tuesday, July 3, 2012


First of all, I forgot to show you the one picture I managed to take on our 'Fibre Friends' boat cruise last week...
This is Michael taking some of them ashore at Russell Island. We had a great time!

Then we traveled up to Qualicum for Joshua's graduation celebration ... it was a very emotional time for me, for several reasons! Joshua is an amazing young man and we're so proud of him!
Yes, he is as tall as his Dad! And no, I'm not in a fog ... well, I am, but that smudge on the photo is a raindrop.
 Here is Joshua with Jason, his Mom (Cara) and her grandparents, 'Nannie' and 'Papa' to Joshua -- they're in their 90's now, and they are very special people! We're proud of Cara, too -- she and Jason split when Joshua was about 3, and she was on her own for a few years before she met, and later married, Chris. They had a daughter together, Emma, who is now 10 -- and now Cara is on her own again. When she and Jason met she worked at Dairy Queen, and she's now a successful realtor -- and they've stayed friends through the years (sometimes more friendly than others, it's been a struggle) and always tried to put Joshua first.
 Leaving the school...
I was painfully aware throughout the day how much we've missed of Joshua's growing up, even though we've seen him fairly regularly. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?

On top of all the emotions of watching our first grandchild graduate, we also got to spend some time with Sri ... and his new fiancee. She's lovely ... but she's not Susan ... and that was hard. We went over to his house for coffee after the grad but couldn't stay long because we were invited to a BBQ at Cara's.
Sri was there because he taught at Joshua's school before he retired after Susan died, and their children Rose and Rennie both graduated from there. In addition, he set up a $400 scholarship in Susan's memory to be given each year to a graduate going in to social work, so he was there to present the scholarship.

Since coming back from Qualicum, we've been to Victoria and back -- here was the channel we had to cross to get into Fulford Harbour...
 ... and later that night, the Harbour Authority dock across from us under the full moon...
Much knitting has transpired (thank God for knitting! lol), but nothing new to show -- still working on the top-down royal blue cardigan.

Today we have a looooooong list of errands to accomplish in Ganges!

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