Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yesterday on my way into Ganges, I had to stop when I saw Fulford's roaming herd (or is that 'flock'?) of sheep...
... mowing the lawn at the historic church in the bay. Of course, when I got out of the van, they started to wander away and hid in the trees!
(Remember that you can click on my images to see them larger...)

It was a full day in town yesterday running errands and doing laundry, etc. In fact, Michael and I feel like we haven't had a full day off in ages, so this morning we are slipping the lines and heading off to Russell Island -- at least for the day, and maybe overnight. I'll be here if you need me... :-)

And I'll be knitting. I'm so DONE with this blue sweater -- but it's not done!!

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