Thursday, November 28, 2013


I mentioned yesterday that I had to get my entry in today for the Eye For Color show the Guild will hold in the spring of 2014. Thursday is the regular Guild meeting, but I couldn't get there until it was almost over because of several other stops I had to make first. When I got there, a color workshop, facilitated by member Rosemary, was just ending.

This is Rosemary.... (wearing a sweater that she knit from yarn she spun and dyed, from a fleece she processed, in a pattern she designed herself, by the way)...
... and this is all that color they were working with, close up... :-)

I was sorry I missed it! But I did get my Eye for Color registration in on time, though. :-)

And then, after a Welcome Wagon visit way up a mountain here on the south end, I stopped for a few minutes at one of my favorite viewpoints. Only I couldn't see much because the fog was rolling in. But I got some great pictures ... great color, great light.

So it was a colorful day!

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