Friday, November 29, 2013


I had a lovely birthday day today ...

It started when I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the table.
 And then Michael, who can't cook, cooked us 'breakfast' -- how cute is this?
I stayed in my jammies, knitting and drinking coffee, until almost 2 pm. Then I had to go into Ganges because today was the opening day for 'WinterCraft', the Salt Spring Arts Council's Christmas season Show and Sale ... and yours truly is one of the artisans in it, and I hadn't finished setting up my display and pricing yet! Didn't quite get done before the doors opened, but it worked out okay...
Wanna buy a lace shawl? Or a cowl? Or some Christmas doilies and 'mug rugs?' I got 'em.

Here's an overview of the whole show, which looked amazing ... my stuff is in that first aisle just to the left of the woman in the burgundy coat.
 This is Richard Steel, the manager/creative genius behind this whole shindig:
The show goes from now until Dec. 23rd, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, so if you're in the neighborhood, come check it out. :-)

Anyway, when I got finished at the hall, I got home in time to pick Michael up and we went to the Rock Salt for dinner. It's been a lovely day!

Tomorrow... my last intermediate knitting class. It'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You share an auspicious date with our extended family: today was the "due date" of our 10-year-old grandson, and the birthdate of husband's flame point cat. Grandson didn't make his debut until mid-December, though!

Louisa said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Skipper, from a fellow November baby! So glad you had such a nice day. Love the breakfast effort. Very cute.

Unknown said...

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