Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've had a *delicious* day -- and it had nothing to do with food(well, almost nothing)!

First of all, I didn't have anything I 'had' to do. So I could stay in my jammies all day ... and I did just that.

There was a heavy frost outside at daylight, and it stayed cold all day. So I started a little fire in the woodstove and kept it toasty warm in here the whole day.

(No I don't have a Christmas tree up yet ... that's an old photo).

Michael went in to Ganges to run some errands, so I had my home to myself for several hours. 

I got some carrots, onions and potatoes prepared, and put a pot roast in the oven .... more warmth without turning on the electric heat.

I did some dishes, tidied up a bit, made a few phone calls. Played mindless games on the computer ... for almost an hour.

Between ferries, Fulford is sooooooooooo quiet; I love it, and today I literally 'absorbed' the quiet all day. Sometimes I find a radio station on my computer to listen to while I work -- but not today. Just silence.

Then I soaked and blocked some knitting -- a few lace doilies that will be for sale at ArtCraft by the end of the week, and the christening shawl I knit several weeks ago (pictures tomorrow). I stopped to look outside at the world around me several times ... beautiful blue sky, flat calm, lots of wintering birds around chasing minnow. Lovely! 

And I knit. Cast on a toque this morning in a tweedy gray alpaca ... and I've almost finished it now.

Michael came home ... and went almost immediately for his daily nap. More quiet.... :)

It's now 7 pm., and dinner is ready. It's been a 'delicious' day! :)

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! That pot roast looks mouth watering. Glad you had a quiet day by yourself in your jammies.