Saturday, March 1, 2008


So yesterday I finally made it down to the water with my knitting AND my camera AND some daylight ... and didn't have to run off anywhere quickly.

First of all, it's soon to be the start of the herring season, and boats like this are heading north in droves...

I'm hoping my sister will call me as soon as she knows anything about the fishery opening so I can drop everything and drive up-Island again to witness it. Meanwhile, knitterly things are happening....

The Secret of the Stole is midway through Clue #6, so I took it out to play ...

And the shawl I've been working on for Threads of Compassion is finished. It's a slubby cotton with a multi-coloured slubby cotton for accents. My friend Barb from the Guild said just looking at it made her smile, and I agree!

I read Leanne's blog regularly (It's not in the sidebar links because she doesn't post regularly) and yesterday I LOVED what she had to say!

Today I'm up for a haircut, more knitting on the Secret Stole and who knows where else the day will lead? I'll keep you posted!

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