Friday, March 21, 2008


Even though I'm a knitter, the 'Swift' I'm referring to today is not a yarn swift!

Yesterday morning I got down to Clover Point (for my nearly-daily-knitting/meditation-time) just in time to see this...

This is one of Victoria's very own tall ships... the Pacific Swift, and it was just returning from four days in the Gulf Islands with childhood cancer
patients from BC Children’s Hospital, apparently.

The Swift is old and tired now and doesn't go very far, but its sister ship, the Pacific Grace, takes youth on adventures all around the world -- it's currently in Japan on a 'goodwill' mission of some sort, and you can read all about that here.

SALTS (Sail and Life Training Society) is an amazing organization that has over 1000 kids on a waiting list for its life-changing journeys, and it has recently released a 'Fresh Vision' to transform itself into a major presence here on our waterfront. If you want to read more about their plans for a heritage ship-building interpretive centre (and a new tall ship to be built!) go to and click on "A Fresh Vision', bottom left.

In knitterly news, I've given up on Sivia's Moonshadow Stole for now, and taken it right off the needles. :-( After many, many trips to the frog pond and never getting past row 5 in the main body, I've decided to give it a rest. I'll try it again another time, but for now I'm just too frustrated with it. After the Secret of the Stole project and this Moonshadow attempt, this morning I cast on 3 stitches and will make a nice, SIMPLE 'dishcloth pattern' baby blanket!


Julie said...

Hi M!
(re)Read the Yarn Harlot's comments about following the pattern of a design of Sivia's ...
"trouble with the pattern until I worked out that there is no problem with the pattern. There comes a time, on rows 36 and 46 when the travelling stitches appear briefly to be travelling in an unexpected way. I yanked back this row about 20 times trying to figure out how I was screwing up. Turns out that If you don't try to outthink Sivia and do exactly as you are told (especially on rows 36 and 46) ...suspend your disbelief, don't try to "fix" the brilliant design and blindly follow her directions, all will become clear ..." Maybe you aren't making any mistakes at all!


Kate said...

Love the baby blanket - they are such satisfying projects. Sorry the other project wasn't working out - sounds like it was time to let it go.

SALTS is an amazing organization. I was fortunate enough to spend a week on the Robertson II as part of a school trip when I was in Grade 9. What a cool experience!

Kate said...

FYI - just looked at your freelance website. Very similar to the work I do! I'm working on getting my site live.