Friday, March 28, 2008

SIVIA'S BACK (SUBTITLE: Fool that I am...)

It was a busy day off Victoria's waterfront yesterday!

First of all, the military was really busy -- I counted 4 or 5 big warships out on some exercises along the US border (that invisible line in the middle of the Juan de Fuca Strait) along with two smaller (frigates? I want to say frigate!) and a helicopter.

At one point I looked up from my knitting to see four freighters (including the yacht-toting one I'd heard was coming in, and was hoping to get a picture of),the Pacific Swift and the pilot boat.

I parked the van and walked out on the breakwater to get a better picture -- and the yacht-toting freighter sailed right on by me to anchor over off the Esquimalt Lagoon (to save overnight mooring fees, maybe, if they can't unload until today?)

By the time I walked back to the van, all was quiet again, and it was dusk...

Just as well, because I had some serious knitting to do.

There's an old joke that goes like this: "I'm planning to live forever... so far, so good." I've put Sivia's 'Moonshadow' stole back on the needles (you knew I couldn't stay away long, didn't you?) and I'm on row 14 of the border.

So far, so good.


Grace said...

love your posts and the tales you tell, can't wait to see the new shawl!!!! Have you heard anything from Christine----I have gathered up a bunch of angels and you will be taken well care of!!!! Just sorry you have had to wait so long!!

Kate said...

Hey, we saw those navy boats when we were visiting my Dad out in Metchosin. My son was fascinated as we don't see them often up this way.

Looking forward to seeing the shawl.

And the sweater in your previous post is some piece of work!