Sunday, March 9, 2008


The 'Strait of Georgia' is the body of water which has, on three of its sides (in a counter-clockwise direction), Vancouver Island, Puget Sound, and the 'mainland' of the province of British Columbia. The northern end of it, beyond Canada's Gulf Islands, becomes the 'Inside Passage' to Alaska.

Here's a pretty good map/diagram of the area. (The dotted line, by the way, is the border between the USA and Canada, and the red outline is the watershed systems that feed into the sea).

Lime Kiln Park on San Juan Island overlooks the southern end of it...

Many, many folks already refer to this body of water as the Salish Sea -- and there's an article in my local paper today explaining why, and suggesting that there may be an official move to change the name. I'd sure support that whole-heartedly! Since it was the Salish Sea for thousands of years, and only the Strait of Georgia for about 150, it makes sense to me...

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