Sunday, April 27, 2008


The annual boat show took place in the harbour this weekend ... what that means is that millions of dollars of yachtiness takes up all the available dock space to show folks with deep, very deep, wallets what they can own. (I bet no one tells those prospects about the long waiting lists at all the marinas!)

Anyway, it's a bit too glitzy for our tastes -- you need sunglasses to ward off the glare from all that gleaming fibreglass! -- but it was a sunny day yesterday, so we took to the inflatable for a little 'toodle' around the harbour. Here's what we saw en route to the Main Event... Victoria's new fire boat:

A whalewatching boat...

And, of course, the Seattle Clipper ferries:

Then into the harbour... first, the Whitehalls:

Then the fancy inflatables:

And finally, the stars of the show:

And more:

Meanwhile, in my ordinary life, we passed this (MUCH more to our taste!) on the way back to the marina:

And then this went by us later down at Clover Point:

And finally, I finished the River Rock scarf... DONE picture tomorrow!

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Esther V. said...

I always find opulence in this form overwhelming...makes me wonder how they accumulated all their wealth....
Great blogs Marilyn...
Happy 'last week' of the month!