Sunday, April 13, 2008

A NEW TUG IN TOWN .... and other odds 'n' sods

Seaspan has added to its fleet here in the harbour ... not sure if it's new, or just new to Seaspan, but it's a prettier boat than any I've seen so far!

I was knitting at Clover Point the other day when I heard a tap on my window -- it was my friend Bev from the Guild, and she and her hubby were in the very next car!

Marj and a few others have mentioned knitting at Clover Point, too --- maybe we'll start a summer knitting circle there! :-)

When I went there this morning, I was just in time to watch some sort of sailing regatta coming out of Enterprise Channel ...

It was a busy day on Juan de Fuca!

At 4:00 we drove Mischa to the ferry for Vancouver - she has a hair show to attend and then she's going to her sister Hailey's cabin in Whistler to 'chill out' for a few days. Yesterday was like a summer day, so after we dropped her off, Michael and I went to a local (Sidney) market, bought our 'dinner' and headed for the nearest beach...

... which had a view of the Anacortes Ferry dock, and across the channel, Sidney Spit -- lots of boats at anchor this weekend!

In knitterly news, I've FINISHED Sivia Harding's Moonshadow Stole, and I love it, love it, love it! I'll get some pics today if I can (unblocked ... that'll happen this week some time). Now I'm going to start on her River Rock Scarf (which may be for an exchange 'secret pal'-- I haven't decided yet) and get back to a blue shawl I started a month ago.

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Grace said...

i can;t wait to see the shawl!!!!