Friday, April 18, 2008


I know I've blogged about these freighters before, but I can't help it ... I just find them fascinating in their own right (think about it.... a freighter that carries private yachts, sometimes half way around the world? what's up with that?), and especially when there really are millions of starving children all over that same world?? I asked a guy who'd had his 40' sailboat shipped from Mexico a few months ago about it, and he said it cost him $12,000! Just to bring his big toy to a new playground!

Ok, don't get me started (I know, I know, it's too late...) - look at some pics. So the 'little' boat in the water on the left (with the slings just coming off) is actually about a 40' yacht.

Now watch the next one being lowered into the water -- it's probably a 50' yacht.

Even the whale-watching boat has come in to check it out.

Now look again at that last picture ... directly above the first boat that was lowered into the water. That's a privately-owned catamaran sitting up there, probably about 80 - 90 feet long. We have commercial 'foot-passenger' Seattle-bound ferries here in the harbour that are only a few feet longer!

I went by again later in the day, and caught this cruise ship leaving the harbour in about a 30-knot wind ...

Lots of errands to run this morning so I can 'reward' myself with Knit'n'Cafe this afternoon!


Karen said...

I saw the boat - SOPHIE - gotta love that name for a boat, even had a last name which I could not make out - yesterday and wondered what on earth it was; was going to ask you about it at Knit'n'Cafe today and knew you would know. Now - I know! Thanks.

Kate said...

That is just crazy.

What a wonderful day you had on Salt Spring - lucky you!